Wool Neck Warmers, Wool Fuchsia Pink and Plaid

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Handmade Wool Neck Warmer
Toggle Wooden Clasp
Genuine Leather Loop

Treat yourself this holiday season that gives you a little extra zest in your step. This new neck wrap will pull your wardrobe together effortlessly! You're already adorable and this 100% wool wrap not only will keep you toasty warm but also keep you snappy looking! Our northern climate calls for warm and due to the flexible 100% wool fuchsia outer shell it does just that - keeps you warm (and stylish)! It's conveniently lined with a spectacular fleece plaid that has all the colors of autumn. Show off your Christmas meal and your new wool neck wrap this season and rest assured relatives will not only drool over your meal but also your new wool wrap. Your grand-daughters and sisters may just want one for themselves!


This new Wool Neck Wrap for women is a one of a kind addition to the Bound family.
  1. Simply lay the wrap flat with fleece side down and Bound tag near you.
  2. Fold top over a couple of inches 
  3. Bring over your head while holding ends of fold
  4. Simply wrap around neck and clasp button or tie (depending on the wrap you have)

Warm and comfortable
OOAK - one of a kind handmade wool wrap
Handmade with 100% wool lined with anti-pill fleece

Stitched with the utmost quality and care
Wooden toggle button
Leather loop for easy on

Thank you for supporting small business.
All products Made in America by Bound to be Creative


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