Jersey Knit Beanie for Women, Orange Bold Stripes, Reversible, Size Small, SL351

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Reversible Beanie for Women
Ready to ship 3-4 business days
Size Small
Bold stripes and reverse will be a coral orange

be authentic  .  be unique  .  be you 

Handmade is in the details with hand-cut genuine leather strips, manually hole-punched rivets and a style that accessorizes your unique flair.

This Bound to be Creative beanie is designed with you and your favorite pair of ripped jeans in mind. Whether it's a no-wash hair afternoon or a hair don't care evening, you can slide this stretchy beanie out of your bag and onto your head faster than you can say, "pick me up at eight". This slouchy beanie will keep your hair spray on the shelf and your pony-tail holder on your wrist. With multilple colors to choose from there's bound to be a color with your name on it. Head out to the art in the park or the free bike tuning down the street - don't forgot your beanie.


Thank you for supporting small business. All products Made in America by Bound to be Creative

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