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"This got so much use the very first day it was opened, it's adorable
and my son loves it. And so durable too!"
- Brittany, NY

Tote of Art Traveling Art Pad
Do you have an aspiring child artist in your life? Complete with blank notepad, clip board, and 5 colored pencils. This very durable note pad colored pencil carry case by Bound to be Creative has a large hook and loop closure pocket on one side and a slot for the clipboard and notepad on the other. The bi-fold sturdy case comes together with ease and is ready to carry on-the-go and when those children are on the go, there's no stopping them.


  • 10.25 inches x 7.25 inches - closed
  • 14.5 inches x 10 inches - open
  • Durable handle for little and big hands
  • Stiff pocket
  • Hook and loop flap closure
  • Large hook and loop closure strip pocket
  • 1 - 5x8 inch blank refillable notepad
  • 10 assorted colored pencils
  • 1 clipboard

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