Women's Stretch Knit Beanie, Soft Cotton Hat for Women, Size Small, SL325



Reversible Women's Beanie
Ready to ship in 3-4 business days
Size Small

be authentic  .  be awesome  .  be unique 

Handmade is in the details with hand-cut genuine leather strips, manually hole-punched rivets and a style that accessorizes your unique flair.

This Bound to be Creative beanie is designed with you and your favorite pair of ripped jeans in mind. Whether it's a no-wash hair afternoon or a hair don't care evening, you can slide this stretchy beanie out of your bag and onto your head faster than you can say, "pick me up at 8:00". This slouchy beanie will keep your hair spray on the shelf and your pony-tail holder on your wrist. With multiple colors to choose from there's bound to be a color with your name on it. Head out to the art in the park or the free bike tuning down the street - don't forgot your beanie. Super soft making it great for hair loss.



Thank you for supporting small business. All products Made in America by Bound to be Creative

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